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New Liquid Biopsy Test Detects Brain Cancer, But It Doesn't Use Blood


Researchers from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York have pioneered a new type of liquid biopsy that might be able to monitor the progression and response to treatment of a type of brain tumor. However, unlike most liquid biopsy tests to detect circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), it does not use blood.

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4 Your Community: National Brain Tumor Society


WBZ-TV's Nick Giovanni talks with David Arons.

MN mom runs NYC Marathon in memory of daughter


A metro mom is running the New York City Marathon on Sunday in honor of her late daughter, Marit Swenson, who passed away last year of a brain tumor. Marit was 16 years old. Jennifer says she and her daughter used to run together. When she was diagnosed with cancer, Marit and Jennifer were training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

Oncolocy Organizations Remember John McCain

The ASCO Post

United States Senator from Arizona John McCain passed away on August 25 of the brain cancer glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). Numerous medical societies issued statements in light of his death. Read them below.

Glioblastoma Remains a Deadly Form of Cancer

Voice of America

U.S. Senator John McCain's death from glioblastoma on Saturday brought new attention to the most deadly type of brain cancer. The National Brain Tumor Society says 80 percent of brain tumors are benign, but a glioblastoma tumor grows rapidly, and it returns after treatment.

Sen. John McCain's death continues to highlight desperate push to cure brain cancer


The death of Sen. John McCain from glioblastoma on Saturday once again sheds light on this devastating illness and the need to find a cure. It is the same brain cancer that took the life of Joe Biden's son, Beau, back in 2015, and former Sen. Ted Kennedy in 2009.

4. John McCain's brain cancer


Glioblastoma, the brain cancer that was the cause of Sen. John McCain's death, is incredibly difficult to treat, as the Daily Beast points out.

Sen. John McCain's death continues to highlight desperate push to cure brain cancer


The death of Sen. John McCain from glioblastoma on Saturday once again sheds light on this devastating illness and the need to find a cure. It is the same brain cancer that took the life of Joe Biden's son, Beau, back in 2015, and former Sen. Ted Kennedy in 2009.

Glioblastoma, which killed McCain, is 'complex' and 'aggressive' disease, brain tumor group says

Fox News

Officials at the National Brain Tumor Society, based in Newton, Mass., said in a written statement that they were "profoundly saddened" by McCain's death, and called for a nationwide effort to combat the disease.

'Why I feel so close to him': John McCain's death a blow to Indiana man with same cancer

Indianapolis Star

The death Saturday of U.S. Sen. John McCain from an aggressive form of brain cancer has shaken a Greenwood man who suffers from the same disease and has been an advocate for better treatment protocols.

Experts Comment on McCain Move

Arizona Rublic

Sen. John McCain’s decision to end treatment for glioblastoma is not uncommon for such an aggressive cancer.

John McCain has died. For brain cancers like his, ‘research is our only hope’


As her father fought his losing battle with glioblastoma, Meghan McCain asked her Twitter followers and “The View” audience last year to support two nonprofits that fund research on this notoriously aggressive and wily brain cancer.

John McCain Dies of Glioblastoma at Age 81


“This news of McCain’s death is a painful reminder that brain cancer is non-partisan and unsparing across the conventional lines that unfortunately divide us in this nation,” said David Arons, Chief Executive Officer of the National Brain Tumor Society in Boston, MA.

John McCain's Family Has Announced He's Discontinuing Medical Treatment For Cancer

BzzFeed News

Sen. John McCain will stop receiving medical treatment for his cancer, his family announced in a statement Friday.The 81-year-old Arizona Republican, who began treatment for glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, in July 2017, has chosen "with his usual strength of will" to stop treatment, the McCain family said in a statement Friday morning.

John McCain just ended his cancer treatment. What does that mean?

The Washington Post

The family of Sen. John McCain announced Friday the Arizona Republican is discontinuing medical treatment for an aggressive brain tumor diagnosed a little over a year ago. While the senator has surpassed expectations for his survival, the family said in a statement, “the progress of the disease and the inexorable advance of age render their verdict.” Here is a closer look at what that decision means.

Experimental Brain Cancer Treatment


Scientists are using a genetically modified version of the polio version to treat an aggressive form of brain cancer. David Arons, CEO, National Brain Tumor Society joins Phil Lipoff to discuss the results of this experimental treatment.

5 brain tumor symptoms you shouldn't ignore

Today Show

There’s no more serious diagnosis in all of human medicine than a brain tumor, doctors say. May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month. If you were to pick a case to illustrate the abrupt, random, frightening nature of brain tumors, it might be the experience of Maria Menounos.

Matt Tifft speaking with U.S. senators on brain cancer research

ESPN Insider

Matt Tifft's comeback a couple years ago when he returned from brain surgery to the race car in less than three months provided proof of his determination and perseverance.

Matt Tifft Column: The Monster Mile

Motorsports Tribune

The Xfinity Series now heads into a couple off-weekends, but I’ll still be keeping busy! Today, I’m headed to Washington D.C. to help the National Brain Tumor Society persuade the Senate to pass the Childhood Cancer Star Act.

Wake Up Call From National Brain Tumor Society

WCVB Boston

Monday's Wake Up Call comes from the National Brain Tumor Society's Gray Gala.

Framingham boy behind #whynotdevin to be honored March 23

Hudson Wicked Local

The National Brain Tumor Society will posthumously honor Devin Suau at its Gray Gala in Boston next Friday.

Health Org Offers Patient Education Tools for Brain Tumor Therapy

Patient EngagementHIT

The National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) has created a set of patient education tools and initiatives to help equip brain tumor patients and their family caregivers with the information necessary to make informed healthcare decisions.

How disease-specific clinical trial finders can address gaps in study participation

The Cancer Letter

As a cancer patient advocacy organization—especially one dedicated to a category of malignancies that have seen frustratingly slow progress and only negligible improvements in survival rates over the past four-plus decades—we’ve come to view our role and responsibility to the brain tumor community as something like that of a plumber

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Colts Players Wear Their Heart on Their Feet for My Cause My Cleats

Colts Roundup

Colts players will support the charitable causes important to them by participating in the NFL's My Cause My Cleats campaign.

Empowering Brain Tumor Patients with Information on Clinical Trials

Drug Discovery & Development

Earlier this year, the organization launched the NBTS Clinical Trial Finder on its website to help simplify the process of finding and participating in clinical trials.

When Should You Have a Benign Tumor Removed

US News & World Reports

It's not cancer. But that doesn't necessarily mean you're out of the woods.

Defeat GBM Research Collaborative is Searching for Treatment Breakthroughs


The Defeat GBM Research Collaborative is an effort based around three broad ideas: five years, $10 million and a question.

Dear Sen. McCain: Here's what I've learned from Living with Glioblastoma


Letter open letter to Senator McCain from NBTS supporter Adam Hayden

There is Hope for John McCain

ABC News Washington DC

Carol Toney is a nurse who was a patient facing the same form of brain cancer over four years ago that Senator John McCain now has.

What Type of Cancer Does McCain Now Battle

NPR Phoenix KJZZ The Show

NBTS CEO David Arons discusses Senator McCain's diagnosis and key glioblastoma facts

Glioblastoma Cancer is Hard to Treat


NBTS CEO David Arons writes about the challenges of glioblastoma treatment

87 Experimental Glioblastoma Treatments are in the Works


NBTS Research Director Ann Kingston highlights key glioblastoma treatment facts

Making Sense of the Latest Research in Brain Tumor Treatments

MediaPlanet/USA Today Insert

Recent innovations in research and new discoveries about how brain tumors behave are delivery promise for more and better treatments.

Clinical Trial Finder to Boost Patient Participation in Trials

Patient EngagementHIT

Brain tumor clinical trials have seen limited patient engagement in recent years, likely because patients do not know about these trials and cannot access information about clinical trials online.

A Grim Budget Day for U.S. Science; Analysis and Reaction to Trump’s Plan


The new budget calls for deep cuts to some federal science agencies, and is likely to draw fierce opposition from the scientific community and many lawmakers in Congress.

Trump Budget Cuts to Scientific, Medical Research Would Have ‘Devastating’ Effect: Experts

NBC News

President Donald Trump’s plan to cut billions of dollars in funding to medical and scientific research agencies would cost the country countless jobs, stall medical advances and threaten America’s status as the word leader in science and medicine .

NASCAR’s New Fan Club

Boston Globe

To promote the National Brain Tumor Society, Matt Tifft temporarily gave up his primary sponsorship revenue by allowing his car to be used as a high-speed billboard for a charitable cause .

People Jump Into Ocean to Support Connecticut Brain Freeze


Participants of the Connecticut Brain Freeze are challenged to dip into ice-cold ocean water to raise awareness and much-needed resources for brain tumor-specific programs.

Connecticut Brain Freeze Raises $34K for Brain Tumor Awareness

NBC Connecticut

Some brave souls faced freezing water today to raise awareness and money for brain tumor-specific programs as part of the “Connecticut Brain Freeze” in West Haven Sunday.

NBTS Featured on Tifft’s Car at Atlanta


Matt Tifft heads to Atlanta Motor Speedway (AMS) in his first full season at Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR). Tifft will make his first-career start at AMS behind the wheel of the No. 19 NBTS Toyota Camry.

Cromwell Schoolteacher takes on CT Brain Freeze to Honor Mother, Father, Aunt

Shoreline Times

Lindsay Romano braves the waters off Savin Rock as part of the Second Annual Connecticut Brain Freeze hosted by the National Brain Tumor Society this Sunday, March 5.

Genetic Testing Offers New Hope for Children with Brain Cancer

Technology Review

More than half of pediatric cancer patients have genetic faults that could affect their diagnosis or be targeted by drugs.

+ News from 2016

Researches Join Forces to Accelerate Progress in Pediatric High-Grade Gliomas

Targeted Oncology

While significant advancements have been made over the past few decades in treating pediatric low-grade gliomas, survival rates have not improved in pediatric high-grade gliomas.

Percision Medicine Aids 20% Drop in Pediatric Cancer Deaths

Healthcare IT Analytics

Between 1999 and 2014, pediatric cancer death rates dropped by 20 percent, suggesting that precision medicine techniques have led to treatment advances in certain types of cancer.

Nation Brain Tumor Society Starts $2.5M Capital Campaign

Mass Nonprofit News

The National Brain Tumor Society said the campaign, called Project Impact, seeks to initially raise at least $2.5 million in specialty gifts and funds over five years to resource the launch of scientific projects within the Defeat Pediatric Brain Tumors Research Collaborative, an international research effort.

Brain Cancer replaces leukemia as deadliest cancer for kids, study shows


The new numbers are a result of major advances in leukemia treatment and lack of progress when it comes to brain cancer, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, which is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Brain Cancer is Now the Leading Cancer Killer of Kids

NBC News

Brain cancer now kills more children than any other type of cancer, according to new federal data.

Childhood Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall: CDC

United Press International

What’s new is that leukemia the most common type of childhood cancer is no longer the leading cause of cancer deaths. Survival among children with leukemia has improved to the degree that brain cancer now tops the list.

Brain Cancer Replaces Leukemia as the Leading Cause of Cancer Deaths in Kids

Washington Post

It’s official: Brain Cancer has replaced leukemia as the leading cause of cancer eaths among children and adolescents.

Brain Cancer Overtakes Leukemia as Deadliest Form of Childhood Cancer, CDC Says

LA Times

Treatments for kids with leukemia have improved so much that it is no longer the deadliest childhood cancer in the U.S. The top spot now belongs to brain cancer, the CDC says.

Childhood Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall: CDC

US News & World Report/Health

The number of U.S. children who die from caner has fallen 20 percent since 1999, and leukemia is no longer the top killer, a new federal government report shows.

Childhood Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall: CDC

Health Magazine

What’s new is that leukemia the most common type of childhood cancer is no longer the leading cause of cancer deaths. Survival among children with leukemia has improved to the degree that brain cancer now tops the list.

Childhood Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall: CDC


The number of U.S. children who die from cancer has fallen 20 perfect since 1999, and leukemia is no longer the top killer, a new federal government report shows.

Childhood Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall: CDC

Philadelphia Inquirer

What’s new is that leukemia the most common type of childhood cancer is no longer the leading cause of cancer deaths. Survival among children with leukemia has improved to the degree that brain cancer now tops the list.

Washington Journal: David Arons of the National Brain Tumor Society


David Arons talked about efforts to launch a research and development initative to defeat pediatric brain tumors.

Newton Nonprofit Launches Plan to ‘Defeat Pediatric Brain Tumors’

Boston Business Journal

David Arons of the National Brain Tumor Society contends that pediatric high-grade gliomas as “arguable the most serious area of pediatric cancers.”

’Moonshot’ Initiative to Fight Cancer Urged to Include Survivors’ Lives

The Guardian

Less than nine months after Barack Obama announced the plan, a panel of top cancer scientists and patient advocates presented a report on how the “moonshot” could destroy the disease.

Expert Panel Releases Recommendations for Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative

Boston Magazine

A panel of experts unveiled Wednesday an ambitious 10-part plan for achieving a decade’s worth of progress against cancer in only half that time, by streamlining data and research processes, developing new treatment avenues, and improving prevention tactics.

Cancer Moonshot Advisory Panel to Offer Final Recommendations

Modern Healthcare

David Arons, CEO of the National Brain Tumor Society and chairman of the National Cancer Advisory Board, said his group’s charge is to focus on making it easier for patients to find and participate in clinical trials. The scientists in the group crated space for patient advocates such as himself to speak up for cancer patients.

AACR Hold Congressional Briefing to Reiterate Moonshot Goals and Plans


”We are in an era of unprecedented scientific opportunities in cancer research, “ said Margaret Foti, PhD, MD, Executive Officer, American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), as she introduced the Congressional briefing, “Seizing Today’s Opportunities to Accelerate Cancer Research.”

Cancer ‘Moonshot’ Blue Ribbon Report Out in September

Bloomberg BNA Online

The cancer ‘moonshot’ panel charged with developing the White House initiative’s scientific agenda will release its recommendations in early September.

Personal Tragedy Leads to Effort for Brain Tumor Victims

The Pilot

Article covers the story of Joanie O’Brien and her quest to raise money for NBTS 

An Interview with David Arons, Chief Executive at the National Brain Tumor Society, United States

Brain Tumor Magazine

Brain Tumour Magazine, a world-wide publication dedicated to brain tumor news and information, includes a Q&A with NBTS CEO David Arons in its 2016 edition 

W.K. Alfred Yung, MD, Joins National Brain Tumor Society


Oncology industry trade magazine covers the appointment of renowned neuro-oncologist to NBTS' staff 

Landmark Effort to Speed Drug Approvals Nears Critical Phase in Congress

Stat News

It may be now or never for a landmark legislative push to speed up the US drug approval process — but there are signs that lawmakers just might make it work.

Brain Tumors More Common in Better Educated, Wealthier Folks


People who have a college education, a professional career or a big paycheck may be more likely to be diagnosed with a brain tumor than people who are less well-off or not as educated, a new study reports.

Wake up call: Boston Brain Tumor Ride


Video about  how NBTS Boston Brain Tumor Ride seeks to raise funding and awareness for brain tumors 

Local Shoots for Moon on Joe Biden's Anti-cancer Team

Boston Herald

NBTS CEO, David Arons seeks to bring patient's view to Joe Biden's cancer initiative 

Translating Brain Tumor Science into Survival

Future of Personal Health 

Through NBTS' collective efforts in industry, academia, government and philanthropy results are being made for brain tumor patients 

Windfall for Cancer Research Sets Off a Scramble for Clout


NBTS' CEO, David Arons explains the advocate's role in fundraising for cancer 

Panel of Experts Named to Advise Biden on Cancer 'moonshot'


NBTS' CEO, David Arons appointed to Joe Biden's cancer moonshot initiative 

Changing the Face of Brain Cancer, One Patient at a Time

Cure Today

David Arons provides overview of NBTS programs and advocacy 

Love and Hope of a Cure for Brain Cancer Fuel Fundraising Effort 

Hartford Courant

NBTS fundraiser includes participants who plunge into the ocean  in honor of family member

+ News from 2015

National Brain Tumor Society Appoints David Arons as CEO

Mass Nonprofit News 

David Arons appointed CEO of NBTS 

A Groundbreaking Global Alliance Against GBM

DDN News

NBTS is mentioned as part of the article explaining hoe GBM AGILE initiative will bring global consortium of researchers together to launch GBM clinical trial 

National Brain Tumor Society Statement on FDA Approval of Optune for Treatment of Glioblastoma Patients

Medical Devices & Surgical Technology Week

NBTS issues statesment regarding FDA Approval of new treatment for Glioblastoma 

National Brain Tumor Society Statement on FDA Approval of Optune for Treatment of Glioblastoma Patients

Pharma Business Week

NBTS issues statesment regarding FDA Approval of new treatment for Glioblastoma 

A Collaboration That Really Counts: Making Gains on Brain Tumor Research

Inside Philanthropy 

NBTS lead, Jumpstarting Brain Tumor Drug Development Coalition publishes a new consensus protocol for MRI use in assessing the effectiveness of drug treatments

Giving Hope to Children with Brain Tumors

The Hill

NBTS advocate explains the benefits the STAR Act will have for pediatric brain tumor research in oped

New Standardized Brain Tumor MRI Recommendations Announced

ITN Online

Article explains how NBTS-led effort will reduce variability and increase accuracy in determining progression and response of investigational therapies 

Beating Cancer

Fort Worth, Texas- The City's Magazine

Article highlights how NBTS is pushing for faster research and higher survival rates 

Overcoming Challenges After Brain Operation


Article publishes essay written for NBTS about mother's battle with meningioma 

National Brain Tumor Society Applauds House Passage of 21st Century Cures Act

Executive Insight

NBTS statement on 21st Century Cures Act; legislation that will help accelerate development of new cancer treatments 

Washington Mourns Beau Biden, Congress Considers Bill That Could Lead to New Cancer Treatments

Vice News

NBTS is mentioned as part of article that provides overview of the loss of Vice Present Biden's son & explanation of the 21st Century Cures Act 

Delaware Woman Working to Find Cure for Brain Tumors

News Works

Article details how one wife's experience with her husband's GBM motivated her to join NBTS in the fight against brain tumors 

Brain Cancer, Brain Tumors: By The Numbers

NBC Washington 

NBTS provides quick facts about brain tumors to NBC-affiliate

Congress can Impact Progress for Brain Tumor Patients 

The Hill

NBTS provides policy news outlet with an oped on how Congress can directly impact brain tumor treatments for patients 

"Taking it to the Hill" in Washington D.C., Largest Group of Brain Tumor Advocates Meet with Senators and Congress

Huffington Post

Articles details how NBTS brought 236 advocates from across the US head to D.C. to  campaign for brain tumor funding

The Brain Tumor Is Benign, but Threats Remain

Well, New York Times Blog

NBTS comments on meningioma diagnoses

Newton's Brain Tumor Society Targets Young Researchers for Funding

Boston Business Journal

Article shows how NBTS helps brain tumor scientists launch research labs

New Techniques Outline Tumors' Location in the Brain

U.S. News & World Report 

NBTS provides comment on two new studies describe devices that help surgeons better understand the outline and location of cancerous tissue in the brain, potentially improving outcomes for patients