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October 17, 2021

Amount Raised: $481,306.05 | Goal: $1,000,000.00

Miles Tracked Goal: 3,275 - The distance from our most Northeastern fall event site (Boston, MA) to furthest West (Phoenix, AZ) with a pitstop to all locations in between!

Fall Map

We are thrilled to announce that registration for the NBTS Fall Challenge: Miles for Milestones is now OPEN! NBTS is uniting our fall walk and race events to share in one incredible combined virtual event on October 17th 2021. And with the implementation of our new mobile app, it will be easy to track your miles in support of our mission. Whatever activity you choose — walking, running, cycling, swimming, or anything else — put the NBTS mission behind your miles this October as we set a goal to track 3,275 miles as one brain tumor community.

Raising funds and awareness helps our patients and researchers reach new milestones!

We are grateful to each of you for your efforts to help the National Brain Tumor Society conquer and cure brain tumorsonce and for all.

Registration Information:

Registration Fee: Free for all participants

All registrants who raise a minimum of $100 will receive the 2021 event tee mailed to your homes. Additional fundraising prizes are also available! Need some fundraising tips? Contact us at

Very important note for all participants: All participants will not be able to reactivate past teams. If you are leading the charge as team captain this year, you will need to start a new team. You can use the same team name as usual as long as another team hasn't already chosen it. Register early!  Note, your past username and password are still relevant and will generate your past participant centers. 

We look forward to making an incredible impact with you in 2021. 

For more information about the virtual event, fundraising and the NBTS mission please reach out to us at or contact the NBTS event staff member in your region. 

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