Wisconsin Brain Tumor Walk & Race

Fight On Mike

Hi there, 

Thank you for coming to our page.  We are looking to attend this walk to raise money + awareness for brain cancer in Mike’s honor and would love your support in any way you are able. 

— — — 

Mike started to experience confusion and short-term memory issues in January 2024 that eventually led his wife (Yvonne) to push for a CAT scan, where doctors found a large mass.  After conducting a biopsy, Mike was diagnosed with a glioblastoma (grade IV, IDH-wildtype) on February 20, 2024.  The glioblastoma is located on the crown of his head - an inoperable position (surgery/removal is typically the first step of treatment for GBMs). 

As soon as he was able to, Mike began intense chemo + radiation treatment to begin his fight.  Since receiving treatment, the tumor has shrunk almost completely.  Mike wears an Optune cap daily (20/24 hours a day) to receive regular electromagnetic treatments targeting the cancer cells and preventing recurrence.  Also, he now follows the keto diet per recommendation of his doctors.  His short-term memory, spatial awareness, and overall memory/perception are affected (but he’ll still know who you are and give you a hard time, so watch out).  He shows signs of improvement daily that impress those around him greatly. 

As far as daily routines go, Mike’s been going on lots of walks (plural); He strives to stay active and hit 10k+ steps, so these steps will be extra special!  He also stays involved at Demar Direct (where he spent a majority of his career), talks on the phone with family and friends, and helps his high school sweetheart & love of his life, Yvonne, around their home in Lake Geneva. 

The team name (Fight on, Mike) comes from the University of Southern California’s motto, which is where Mike went for his masters.  

— — —

Thank you to all those who have stepped in as caregivers with Mike’s journey fighting GBM.  Your love, support, kindness, patience, grace, and sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.  We are so thankful for you and are lucky for your friendship. 

Thank you to all medical professionals who have been a part of this journey.  We would not be where we are today without your compassion, care, and drive to help your patient’s lives.  We are so thankful for all that you do and have been lucky to be in your care. 

Thank you to all family and friends who have been there to support Mike in this trying time.  The love, quality time, prayers, thoughts, cards, flowers, food, sweets, etc. is very appreciated - We all cannot thank you enough.  Mike feels so blessed and lucky to feel as much love and support as he does from you all. 

— — —

Let’s walk in Mike’s honor and help support him in his fight against GBM - Fight On, Mike!! 

With love,

The Miller’s

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