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Cowboy Dan's Posse

Daniel was an amazing son, father, brother, friend, husband, father-in-law and grandpa! Dan always said he idolized his dad, a man he admired and was his hero. In many ways he was just like his father, a loving husband who was kind, devoted, witty, humble and a craftsman.
Dan was definitely the jockster of the family and shared many stories of pranks he did during his childhood. His family and siblings always remembered the wonderful times of so much laughter. Family moments are so precious. He always kept us all on our toes, never knowing what to expect next. 
Dan grew up loving cars, always curious how things work. He remembered when was a kid, he used to love taking apart his bike and putting it together with his childhood friend. 
During his senior year of high school, he moved to California with his family and years later created his trade of dent removal and car restoration. Some of his original customers from the start of his business turned into his life long friends.
In September of 2020 Dan was diagnosed with a stage 4 Glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer. After his surgery, he recovered quickly and was able to return to work for a while. He approached the fight against cancer with how he approached life.. positive, fighting hard, courageous, celebrating moments big and small, with a sense of humor, and loving others intentionally. He loved spending time with his daughters as he saw them grow so quickly.  His oldest daughter Rachael remembers her dad helping with her '92 mustang fox body as they would work on it together. What he was most excited about was the exhaust on the car, but it was mainly so he could hear his older daughter come home late at night. Alyssa, the youngest, loved seeing her dad work as she would be so proud of what a beautiful job he would do working on the cars and how she thinks it's like art. So many father and daughter moments that they will never forget. Ana, his wife, was always so proud of Dan. He was an amazing man with a beautiful soul. He had such a kind and loving heart.
Dan felt Colorado was his home. He had so many wonderful memories growing up. Shortly after moving back to Colorado in October 2021, he passed away surrounded by his loved ones. Dan will always be in our hearts, we will always love him and we know someday we will see each other again. We love you so much, you are always our Mighty Mouse
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