National Brain Tumor Ride

Team Erin

Team Erin was formed in 2012 after Erin was diagnosed with a Brain tumor in December 2011. From 2011 through 2013 she endured 2 brain surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. Erin has been featured in our local papers and you can read those articles here:

Stoughton woman treated for brain tumor pedals for charity (

Tumor survivor rides strong (

Since that time due to the Grace of God, miracles of science, prayers and her own perseverance she has not only survived but is living her best life. In 2018 she was married and now has 3 beautiful daughters. She works as a pediatric ICU nurse and just recently started her own business coaching new mothers.

 Erin Lindsey – The Mama Coach

Erin is moving on with her life but the reality of what she has been through and the possibility it could come back is still there. We all need to stay diligent and continue to advocate for a cure.

This type of success story wouldn’t be possible without the miracles of science that are only possible with the donations into research and education that has been done through the National Brain Tumor Society.

We are dedicated to raising the awareness and issues surrounding brain tumors and toward raising money for research towards a cure. We would love if you joined our team, volunteer on the day of the ride or just be there to watch us cross the finish line. Of course any small amount of money you can donate will also be very much appreciated.

 There was a story on "60 Minutes" showing new treatments and possible "long term remission" or even "cure" that will be coming to the market within the next 5 to 10 years. Hopefully sooner. What we raise goes into funding that type of research. I can't wait for the day we can say Erin is "Cured" of this disease.

 The Brain Tumor Ride is a fun and inspirational day where the brain tumor community unites to inspire hope and take action in the fight against brain tumors. 

Progress in this fight starts one team, one rider, and one dollar at a time. Like the National Brain Tumor Society, we are fiercely committed to finding a cure.

Join us and together we will make a difference.


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NBTS is fiercely committed to finding a cure for brain tumors. NBTS aggressively drives strategic research; advocates for public policies that meet the critical needs of the brain tumor community; and provides comprehensive patient, family, and caregiver resources.

Your support ensures this important work will continue.

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