Race For Hope DC

Team Fancy Nancy 2021
Team Fancy Nancy 2021

The Original Team Fancy Nancy

For those that haven't heard my story...

One evening out of the blue, I had a seizure in March 2008. I was rushed to the hospital to discover that I had a Grade III Brain tumor (Anaplastic Astrocytoma). The follow day I had a craniotomy. After surgery, I had to go through intense therapy to relearn how to use my left side. Then I underwent radiation/chemo therapy. Finally, I finished chemotherapy in March of 2009. I've learned so much during that time in my life. I'm very fortunate that I am able to be here and participate in this event and raise awareness with my family and friends.

I could not have completed this achievement without the LOVE, SUPPORT, and PRAYERS of my family, friends, and strangers that have become friends. Thank you to all!

Thankfully, all my scans have been clear. THIS MARCH WILL BE 14 YEARS FOR ME!

I'm extremely fortunate to be doing so well! Unfortunately, others are not in the same case. Throughout the years I have met some people that have shared similar experiences and I'm walking with them and FOR them. That's why I will continue to raise awareness and inspiration for this disease. Thanks for joining me!

Last year was we did another virtual race. We walked around Quiet Waters Park with our newest member. I have so much gratitude for all that has been done for this fundraiser. Thank you to all whom donated and participated over the past years.

I'm looking forward to another great year! Thank you!!

Thank you for your support of this critical mission!  For more information on the National Brain Tumor Society, visit www.braintumor.org.
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