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Zach Attack

Welcome to our team page and thanks to our amazing family and friends for supporting Zach Attack for the past 18 years! 

Zach was diagnosed with a tectal glioma when he was a junior in high school. The diagnosis, of course, was a shock, and required the immediate placement of a shunt to relieve the hydrocephalus caused by the tumor. After consultation with neurosurgeons at Johns Hopkins, we were tremendously relieved to learn that this type of tumor is "lazy" and usually stops growing once it hits surrounding tissue. In 2008, Zach's shunt malfunctioned, resulting in several hospital stays and numerous additional surgeries. Since then, thankfully, Zach has been healthy and active.  

We know that others, however, have not been as fortunate. All too often we hear of another diagnosis. It takes us back to our dark days of shock and confusion and highlights once again the importance of the National Brain Tumor Society. Amazing strides have been made which have saved and lengthened many lives, but we need your help to continue the life-saving research the Race for Hope provides. 

THANKS again to all of you for supporting Zach and for joining in the commitment of the NBTS to cure brain tumors. 

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