Race For Hope DC

My Son Nitin and my brother Sunder Raj
My Son Nitin and my brother Sunder Raj

Team Nitin -- In memory of Sunder / Raj

They say typically brain cancers are genetic but not hereditary. They are considered rare.

Glioblastoma -- 3.21 cases per 100,000 population

Medulloblastoma -- 0.05 cases per 100,000 population

For our family it is not rare. As most of you know our son Nitin Ramachandran was diagnosed with pediatric brain tumor #medulloblastoma ten years ago. He has been fortunate to be a survivor but could face life long issues given the harshness of his treatment regimen.

Team Nitin is back for the Eleventh (11th) Year participating in Race for Hope supporting the research for brain cancer cure.

This would be the fourth year we dedicate our walk also to my brother Sunder Raj who lost his battle to Glioblastoma. The disease is awful and we hope and pray that the research done will bring better outcome in the future.

Our team is excited to join forces with the National Brain Tumor Society by participating in the National Brain Tumor Walk and Race for Hope-DC in honor of Brain Tumor Awareness Month. Please support our efforts by either registering to join our team or consider making a donation to one of our team member's fundraising efforts. The National Brain Tumor Society is committed to conquering and curing brain tumors -- once for all.


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