NBTS Fall Challenge: Miles for Milestones

Team Oligo's Mascot: Oscar, 2020!
Team Oligo's Mascot: Oscar, 2020!

Team Oligo


We are so grateful to you for joining us for our ninth year of combining forces with other families who are survivors or have lost loved ones to Oligodendroglioma. We pray you are safe in this second year of the coronavirus global pandemic. As we have seen, brain tumors do not stop while the world fights COVID. Too many of us are still living and dying with Oligos. That is why, once a year, we gather to support NBTS's work in the unique Oligodendroglioma Research Fund. Their research is keeping us--and many others--alive. Anything we can do to help them is essential to our lives.

The Oligo Fund was created to "support promising research specifically targeted at creating new treatments for oligodendroglioma (oligo) while leveraging the scientific expertise and proven process of the National Brain Tumor Society."

100% of what we raise goes to the Fund. If you, or someone you love, has an Oligodendroglioma, this is the most focused fund-raising you'll be able to do to help. Last year, NBTS gave us an exciting report about how your donations to Team Oligo have been used to help save lives - you are making a difference! Click here to read the report: Report for Team Oligo 2020

Every Walk is in memory of those we have lost (Tanya Seidel and Jacob Seilheimer, still, most painfully) and honoring those who are living. So... we gather. We pray. We raise our hearts and voices and plea for a cure. One of our captains continues this year in exhausting, rigorous, active treatment; so, so much harder in this era of the global pandemic. What we're doing is essential -- it is vital to our lives! And in the last few years promising research has moved forward for Oligos. That said, we're full of hope.

Please join us!  You can join our team at any time.  And if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Brett (brettrandalljohnson@gmail.com), Sara (sara.panzeri@gmail.com) Steve (smcnally@vicr.com), or Alexandra (Alex) Butler (amilloff@gmail.com).

Thank you!

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