Company Teams

What is a Company Team?
Creating a Company Team offers your employees the chance to enjoy a fun, team-building activity, and to be involved in a community service effort all in one event! Each division of your organization can be involved independently as its own team under the umbrella of your Company Team. Your company can also increase its presence at the Race by wearing company T-shirts during the event.

Company Teams also have a company page on the Race website that contains the list of teams connected to your company and is continuously updated with status indicators providing visual results of fundraising progress. Members of each individual team within the Company Team fundraise for their teams. The amounts they achieve are shown on each of their team pages and are then totaled together and listed on your company page.

Start a Team

What are the Benefits of a Company Team?
  • Expand or help to develop company spirit.
  • Create fun, healthy competition for employees in different divisions of your company.
  • Your company page will show your support for the brain tumor community. The web page can contain the company logo, page title with the company name, and body content from your company (such as a company description or inspirational message).
Sounds Great! How Do I Create my Company Team?
To create a company team, click Start a Team. Enter the name of your team. Next enter the name of your company (if it does not already appear in the 'Choose an Existing Value' drop down menu), your company fundraising goal and you are all set! You can enter as many individual teams under your company team as you want.

  • Your employees can register as runners, walkers, volunteers, or virtual participants.
  • Company teams are not limited to employees only. Family and friends should be invited to join.
  • You will want to assign a person to the role of Company Coordinator to communicate with your teams, customize and work with your Company page and monitor the fundraising progress.
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