Virtual Participants
Community members from the Washington DC Metro area, New Jersey, North and South Carolina, San Diego, the Pacific Northwest, Denver and the Bay Area in California are all joining forces for one virtual event to kick-off Brain Tumor Awareness Month this May! We invite you to join us, especially if you live in an area where you haven't had the opportunity to participate in an NBTS Sponsored Event. 
This past year reminded us just how resilient and passionate this community is. Please join us as we come together, for the first time, as ONE community, to conquer and cure brain tumors- once and for all.

For more information about the virtual event, fundraising and the NBTS mission please reach out to us at or contact the NBTS event staff member in your region.

Ashley Brennan, Executive Director, Peer to Peer Fundraising | | 856.278.3171

Jenifer Prentiss, Senior Director of Regional Development, West | | 707.583.3030

Deana Martin, Director of Regional Development, DC and Maryland | | 202.210.2756

Rachel Schultz, Director of Regional Development, New England | | 617.393.2832

Suzanne Isbell, Director of Regional Development, Mid Atlantic | | 848.218.2493

Theresa Milanese, Associate Director of Regional Development, East | | 484.947.1964